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How to initialize external SRAM from Eclipse?

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Hi all! I have an embedded system with a Nios processor (with its dedicated on-chip mem) and an external, off-chip 32MB SDRAM (only for data). The system is working fine and I can both read and write from/to the external memory. Now I need to load the contents of the memory with binary data corresponding to color images that I need to process. 


So, how can I initialize the contents of the external SDRAM? I read in the web that it could be done in Eclipse using the Nios debug module, but I am clueless about how to actually do it. 


I have tried searching for information but in most of the cases they deal with onchip memory initialization of external memory initialization for simulation. 


Thanks in advance for any clues! 




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Oh, I forgot to say that I am accessing the external SDRAM by means of an Avalon Bus-mapped controller.

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