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How to see the timestamp in NIOS ?



I want to see the overall RTL time taken for my design. I am using a c code to trigger the RTL from NIOS eclipse. I have tried various methods to print the time taken, but the time it prints is not as I am expecting from my RTL performance.

So I tired putting a counter in RTL to count overall cycles taken, so that is taking same cycles as my expectation. But the time shown by various methods, its either not showing accurate value or it shows the value in seconds ( my expectations in milli or micro seconds).

Below are the two links which I tried. I used alt_timestamp() option from NIOS bsp settings, it is not giving any tick value. 

I am getting almost near results from gettimeofday() method. Expectation value -105 ms; Real value - 150 ms. 

  Can anyone suggest me a way to find the exact timestamp from NIOS?

below are the link which I referred already:

1) To find execution time from c code:

2) page 363 - alt_timestamp () 





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