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Invalid Project Path, NIOS II SBT (Eclipse)

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I am new to NIOS II SBT. I am trying to open Nios files in the SBT, which came along-with with a Demo board, as part of a Quartus example project. 


As per the documentation, I specified my Workplace and Regenerated BSP. During this process I get warnings about "Invalid project path: Include path not found (path to directories)" 


The attached picture shows the warnings. 



1. How and where can I correct these paths? I have looked into Makefile and system.sopcinfo files and don't see these paths there. 


2. Any other useful and related information would be appreciated. E.g. as the paths in the supplied project/files are different, than on my local machine, should I be following any other guidelines too? 


Thank you,
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You need to, 


1. Compile the BSP project first 

2. Compile the APP project second 


If still does not work, how did you bring the project into the Eclipse IDE?
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