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[Nios II] Nios crashes if allocate memory during DMA transfert

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Good morning, 


I have a tricky problem. I tried everything I could but I can't figure out why my nios crashes. 



I will explain you my problem.  


I continually send fix size data with DMA to a SPI bus, when the dma transfert is complete, I send back the same data again and again. During that time, I receive on another SPI but without DMA data that I treat. Like they is a lot of them, I use dynamic allocation to store this data.  

When all of this data are received, I change my DMA read address (ones the last transfer is complete) to them. 


During this operation, my nios crash. 


If I stop DMA transfert during receiving the other data, all work fine. 


Do you have any suggestion ? Something I can test ? 


Thank you 

(Sorry for my bad english) 


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