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Program for reading jtag uart

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Hello all,  

does somebody has some program or tools, which is possible to read jtag uart and is possible to save this on disc ?  

I need to read ascii data from jtag uart and after saving on harddisk i need to work with this data - check this, make some maths operation and after this display. 


Thank you very much. 


Jan Naceradsky, Czech Republic 


(i know, that is possible to select all in Nios2 console and copy to notepad and after this save to file, but i must to make manually)
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It might be easier to add a UART to the design and bring out the TX and RX to off board level shifters. Note that if this is only for debugging the PC will work with 0-5V RS-232 levels. I would never use this non-standard RS-232 anywhere else though. Consider using a USB-Serial chip (e.g. FTDI-232BB) to not only be able use the 0-5V RX/TX but to give you instant connectivity to the PC using USB. All of our Altera designs incorporate this chip for debugging and having a console/monitor available in the field. 


I have replaced the Altera JTAG serial code (running on the NIOS II) with my own code because their code is slow and bloated, but I use this input/output only with the NIOS II console. I have not seen an application where the PC can communicate with the JTAG directly. I'm sure it's possible. 


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