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Software Update for NIOS without reconfiguring FPGA (Max10)

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Hey there, 


this is my first post in this forum and I haven't dived deep into the NIOS Softcores yet, but I encountered an architectural problem alreay. 


In my final product I want to have the option to update the firmware running inside the Softcore (NIOS) without reconfiguring the complete FPGA that I'm using (goal right now is to use a fairly big Max10 device). It is important that the data is retained after a startup! 


Everything I've tried so far has always resulted in getting me just a complete programming file for the FPGA. My idea was along the lines of just putting the Nios into reset (while other parts are still working, not 100% sure right now) and then just reprogram the portion of the memory that holds the Nios firmware. 


Is something like this even possible? 


best regards, Marc
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