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UART basic help needed

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Hi guys, 


I have implemented my second UART into a NIOS II core, the first one i assign as the STD in and out in the BSP editor (no probs there!), and I am using this one I communicate to my PC using printf and that works fine. However once I have added the new UART to the core, generated all relevant files etc and created my BSP and Application, i get errors in the drivers src section of the BSP, namely the init.c file and the read.c file are reporting symbol 'system_bus_width' could not be resolved and another 15 similar in total. Any ideas? 


I have included the following files: 





Any help would be appreciated! 


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Ok, I have got rid of most of the erros by changing all references to UART to UART1 in things like IORD_UART_ etc etc, 

but it stills leaves me with three errors relating to EWOULDBLOCK, ??? 


Any ideas folks?
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