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Updrade to quartus v12 and ELF Downlaod Error

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Hi all, 


I have a problem i have upgrated my quartus II version to the 12 some days ago. 


I have overwritten my V11 project of the DE1 Nios. 


The build works succesfully but when i try to make a simple hello World BSP i have a downlaod process failed. 


i use the DE1 Board. 

If i flash the old Nios2.sof ( in the sauvegarde sof folder ) all seems to works 


Here is my complete Project : 


If someone can open it and tell me whats is wrong it will be nice. 


I work on a complete C demo for DE1 sort of strartup code for empty project ( i want to release it in the wiki) 


if you test the old de1 soft and a saved software project you can see the VGA is working with Nios II and C ( and it doesn't need the lancelot card). 


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Fixed this day :) 

Causes is a wrong SOPC configuration.
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