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fragmentation of memory in uClinux

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How do we allocate more or move free memory when compiling for uClinux?  


My real issue is dealing with memory fragmentation. I was trying to figure out the placement of the heap table in the memory map so that I get away from malloc, I can set aside a block of memory that I know no process will use it. I can then have my own memory block that localized to certain process. That way I don’t run into fragmentation of uClinux. I can see how to change the stack size, but this documentation does not cover how to move the heap. 


BTW, I tried to use array (just for quick test and localize memory allocation) and it failed right off at busy box run time. There also limits of how large of an array I can allocate (I was trying to allocate 132M bytes).  


Any, thoughts?
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