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use DE2-115 webserver tutorial as simple socket server

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Hi all , 


I want to use the webserver tutorial provided by DE2-115 as simple socket server to measure the performance and try to enhance some bottleneck in the Tcp stack  

since I'm completely new in the FPGA I'm facing my first problem ! 

I downloaded the design in the FPGA successfully, and I create new prooject in niosII IDE with simple socket server as template and I choose the corresponding PTF file from the webserver design files but when I try run as hardware I got this error : 


../network_utilities.c:316: error: `EXT_FLASH_BASE' undeclared (first use in this function) 

../network_utilities.c: In function `FindLastFlashSectorOffset': 

../network_utilities.c:385: error: `EXT_FLASH_NAME' undeclared (first use in this function) 

make: *** [obj/network_utilities.o] Error 1 


these errors are located in the network_utilities.c  


1- if (!error) 

last_flash_sector = EXT_FLASH_BASE + last_flash_sector_offset; 


2- /* Write the MAC address to flash */ 

flash_handle = alt_flash_open_dev(EXT_FLASH_NAME); 


3- * Open the flash device. */ 

fd = alt_flash_open_dev(EXT_FLASH_NAME); 


what I have to change to run the simple socket server template  


many thanks in advance , it's my first niosII experience !
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I'm also having this issue. Any luck?

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The only purpose of ext flash in network_utilities.c is for storing board IP and MAC addresses. So, if you don't bother of using fixed addresses defined at compile time, you can simply remove all calls involving flash memory and assigning your fixed address to the return values.

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