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Howto Setup Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications XE 2013 on Ubuntu 12.04.2 64 bit


There are very few installation guides available for setting up Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications XE 2013 on Ubuntu 12.04.2 and following steps should help with you to quickly configure your system

  1. Download Intel SDK for OpenCL Application XE 2013 version from Intel site
    select 64-bit SDK and click on download button
  2. Now click on "Installation Instruction" link (just under download button) and download public key from this page
  3. Import the public key

    [bash]$ sudo rpm --import[/bash]
  4. Once sdk is downloaded, extract the file

    [bash]$ tar zxvf intel_sdk_for_ocl_applications_2013_xe_sdk_3.0.67279_x64.tgz[/bash]
  5. Install additional packages to manage RPM files & other tools for building packages

    [bash]$ sudo apt-get install rpm alien build-essential fakeroot dpkg-dev[/bash]
  6. Verify signature of rpm files. For example, do this for all rpm files

    [bash]$ rpm --checksig opencl-1.2-base-3.0.67279-1.x86_64.rpm[/bash]

    and result should be similar to
    opencl-1.2-base-3.0.67279-1.x86_64.rpm: rsa sha1 (md5) pgp md5 OK
  7. Proceed to convert all .rpm files to .deb

    [bash]$ fakeroot alien --to-deb --scripts *.rpm[/bash]
  8. We need to create /usr/lib64 folder, if it is not existing

    [bash]$ sudo mkdir /usr/lib64[/bash]
  9. Now lets proceed with the installation

    [bash]$ sudo dpkg -i opencl-1.2-base_3.0.67279-2_amd64.deb
    $ sudo dpkg -i opencl-1.2-devel_3.0.67279-2_amd64.deb
    $ sudo dpkg -i opencl-1.2-intel-cpu_3.0.67279-2_amd64.deb
    $ sudo dpkg -i opencl-1.2-intel-devel_3.0.67279-2_amd64.deb
    $ sudo dpkg -i opencl-1.2-intel-mic_3.0.67279-2_amd64.deb[/bash]
  10. Create symbolic links for libraries

    [bash]$ sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib/
    $ sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib/
    $ sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib/[/bash]
  11. And update library cache

    [bash]$ sudo ldconfig[/bash]
  12. Lets test our installation by downloading sample application from following link
    and extract the file

    [bash]$ tar zxvf capsbasic-sample.tar.gz
    $ cd CapsBasic
    $ make
    $ ./capsbasic[/bash]

    if the application compiles & runs displaying system information then your installation is successful
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Dear Joel, I have followed all the steps but I have problems compiling codes that use the OpenCL C++ Wrapper. When I use the standard OpenCL C I have no problems during the compilation/execution (as in the case of the Intel OpenCL samples)

For example, for the code buffer_test.cpp (attached) I obtain a long list of errors, here an extract:

/usr/include/CL/cl.hpp:681:1: error: expected unqualified-id before ‘{’ token
/usr/include/CL/cl.hpp:1097:28: error: ‘cl::vector’ is not a template
/usr/include/CL/cl.hpp:1097:8: error: template parameters not used in partial specialization:
/usr/include/CL/cl.hpp:1097:8: error: ‘T’
/usr/include/CL/cl.hpp:1119:28: error: ‘cl::vector’ is not a template
/usr/include/CL/cl.hpp:1121:45: error: ‘cl::vector’ is not a template

My machine is a Lenovo Thinkpad Twist ultrabook with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit. This error does not happens with another systems, like a Thinkpad T420 with Fedora 19 64-bit (the same Intel OpenCL SDK XE 2013) and a AMD processor with the AMD OpenCL SDK. I suppose that something is bad configured on my system, but I have not been able to found a solution by myself through internet. Thanks for your help.

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Hello,I installed the intel_sdk_for_ocl_applications_2014_4.6.0.92_x64 on centos,but there's a problem come to me that I cann't find MIC device ,only can find CPU. The newest version MPSS ( mpss-3.4.1 ) has been installed before I install the ocl,would please give some advise about this??any one will be  appreciate!

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Hi shuanshuan b, This package (intel_sdk_for_ocl_applications_2014_4.6.0.92_x64) doesn't contain any runtime components. You need to install OpenCL™ Runtime 14.2 both for CPU and MIC from Another important point is that OpenCL runtime 14.2 was validated with MPSS 3.3 (as per release notes). So, there is no guarantee that it will work appropriately (or anyhow) with MPSS 3.4.1. Thanks, Yuri
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