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Incompatibility opencl crash in Windows 10 with Experimental OpenCL 2.1 SDK


I am recently blocked by the opencl SDK.

Our teams developed a software for the video processing which use the opencl. We all have the windows 10. The software run very well in other members' computer except mine. when i run the program , it crashs.

The problem comes from the opencl SDK. The other memebers use the Opencl 2.1 SDK while i use the Experimental Opencl 2.1 SDK and the experimental version is the only version which can be installed in my computer with the same installer(intel_sdk_for_opencl_2017_7.0.0.2567.exe) as the other members (the installer do not allow to select the version of opencl)

the difference of driver and processor are shown in the image below, which shows that the only difference of my PC with the other is the version of graphic driver intel.

We use the intel Driver and Support assistant to get the following informations.

image 1 : my intel configuration , opencl do not work

image 2. my colleague configuration , opencl work



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Hi WuF,

Thanks for the post and the interest in OpenCL development. Thanks for feedback.

Based on the screen shots you've supplied, this could be an issue with the video driver in use on the system. The SDK tools have an issue with the new DCH style video drivers (new as of Nov 2018). OEM's and third party system vendors repackage, tweak, and republish these driver packages at their own cadences. As a consequence, many products are seeing DCH centric driver updates recently now in 2019.

  • Pre-DCH drivers have not been observed to see crashing issues with both the 2019 and 2017 versions of SDK. 
  • Generally speaking for the SDK, driver packages compatible with your system are older than, the first DCH driver Intel has published on it's website.... Drivers like that of your colleague ( are observed to allow the SDK to run. I'll see if I can determine a more exact version string or branch cut off for pre-DCH and DCH drivers. Keep in mind, OEMs version differently than the Intel downloadcenter.
  • Intel's reference drivers can be downloaded from but for system support reasons, it may be preferable to obtain a driver package from your system vendors website.
  • Also, the 2019 version of the developer tools is strongly recommended for general stability reasons. It's available as part of the Intel System Studio installer package.  It can be installed individually or with other developer components.


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WuF also...

Please note that the Experimental CPU Runtime is deprecated. It's an older component that sees runtime conflict with platforms that have the newer Intel® CPU Runtime for OpenCL™ Applications. Please consider the new runtime as an application target and development vehicle... References: 

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