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Install Intel OpenCL SDK on Ubuntu 16.04

I'd like to ask for help on installing Intel OpenCL SDK as described here 
I have followed those steps but then I need to run SDK installer or use this archive to run installer from which I have downloaded from
> intel_sdk_for_opencl_2017_7.0.0.2568_x64
This file is not executable and I have mounted it as archive with "Archive Mounter" but executing the install I was quit. 
    ubuntu@ubuntu:/run/user/1000/gvfs/archive:host=file%253A%252F%252F%252Fhome%252Fubuntu%252FDownloads%252Fintel%252Fintel_sdk_for_opencl_2017_7.0.0.2568_x64/intel_sdk_for_opencl_2017_7.0.0.2568_x64$ ./ 
    Error: Incorrect path to setup script. Setup can not be started
    if the path contains ':, ~, @, #, %, &, [, ], $, =, ), (, *' symbols.
Anyone has experience on how to install Intel OpenCL SDK under Linux (Ubuntu)? 
  [1]: "Linux with Intel® SDK for OpenCL"
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Hi PeterB,

The linux download is currently intel_sdk_for_opencl_2017_7.0.0.2568_x64.gz. 

tar -xvf intel_sdk_for_opencl_2017_7.0.0.2568_x64.gz should untar it, which should output a folder. The SDK install script is in the folder as either or I recommend not running that script out of an abspath containing so many special characters.

The gsg scripting example is targeted toward SRB5.0 runtime development prior to the usage of the Intel Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL Driver (NEO) builds. These SRB5.0 setups are against moderately older kernels now. It may serve as a good reference for relevant dependency setup depending on how users have configured their operating system installs.

If possible, consider using the SDK to target an Ubuntu 16.04.3+ system with 4.14.20 or newer linux kernel for these two runtimes. :

1) The 16.1.2 CPU build

2) The Intel Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL Driver




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