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Intel OpenCL CPU does not work!


starting here:

we see "Important Change" describing the issue with OpenCL CPU and GPU runtimes, and a fix is touted and says "This issue is already fixed in the installation script on github here."

Going over to github, and using the releases there -> they do not work. and rather silently, you don't get an specific clean error, and if you list available devices you will see the entry for CPU now pop up but it is broken [you get weird errors/ crashes] and after just _some_ digging it is surprising that this thing even got released!

I made an issue:

platform, Windows 10. The batch file, makes symlinks, one of them for "tbb.dll", the instruction link to windows binaries => they do NOT include tbb.dll, but tbb12.dll (and if you make OneTBB yourself same thing, or if you got it through OneAPI, same thing!) How can something like this be missed?!

Anyway, if you do _copy_ the tbb12.dll yourself & rename to tbb.dll, now the dll does gets loaded but still you get the errors and crashes [is it due to this? something else? I dont know] Anyway this is so bad, like, you can't even get OpenCL runtime to work! It's unimaginable to have this issue [and in 2021] with Nvidia / AMD ! 

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I used an old 2020 version of tbb and it seems to work now.

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I used an old 2020 version of tbb and it seems to work now.