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Multiple host threads with single queue and device



I'm developing an application program using OopenCL.

The application program issues multiple threads for parallel processing and each thread needs to access a GPU through OpenCL APIs.

I've tested the program on two different platforms;

  #1.  Desktop - OS:Windows 10, CPU: I7-6700K(with HD530 GPU), Media Server Studio installed

  #2.  Intel VCA - OS:Centos 7, CPU: E3-1200 v4(with Iris Pro P6300 GPU), Media Server Studio installed

The program looks working just fine on platform #1, but it is not stable on platform #2.

When it runs on platform #2, the program suddenly stops after several threads completed their jobs.

Moreover, the point that it suddenly stops is changing for each run.

Any information or help on this issue would be appreciated.


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Glad to hear that your code is working in configuration #1.  

For the VCA installation, please try the new Media Server Studio release announced here:  Skylake/Xeon e3v5 support was added, but it also covers Broadwell/Xeon e3v4.  If the problem still exists in the new release we can continue investigating as a possible bug.


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