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New Release: Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications 2013 R3 with unified SDK support for Windows 7/8/8.1

Dear OpenCL developers,

Release 3 of the Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications 2013 is now available at

What’s New in 2013 R3?

  • Unified SDK package with support for Windows* 7, Windows* 8, and Windows* 8.1 OS
  • Support the unified Intel® Graphics Driver version 15.33.8 and higher.
  • New Code Sample: Video Motion Estimation Sample
  • Updated header files:
    • cl.hpp
    • cl_ext.h

To get started with the new features on Windows* 7/8/8.1:

  • Upgrade the graphic driver. Use version 15.33.8 or higher. Automatically detect and update your drivers and software with the Intel Driver Update Utility.
  • Download and install SDK Release 3 (SDK 2013 R3) from the SDK page.
  • Click the Learn tab for guides, webinars, and articles that will quickly get you started.

Happy Holidays,

Arnon Peleg,

Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications Product Marketing Manager 

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