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Problem with kernel analysis with code builder in VS 2015


Hi im having a problem with the deep kernel analysis of the openCL application analysis in the code builder plugin for visual studio 2015.

The host profiling and the kernel overview works fine but the kernel overview graphical view and the execution units, ticks per thread and threads per time only gives a error message:

Error: Unable to retrieve "Execution Units"

Error: Unable to retrieve "Times per thread"

Error: Unable to retrieve "Threads per time"

The latency part of the kernel analysis does not work either it only states: No records available.

Im running the application on an i7-4790 CPU and its integrated HD graphics 4600.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?


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Official support for Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications 2016 R3 covers 5th, 6th, and 7th Generation Core processors.  For 4th Generation, the release notes indicate CPU only.  

This indicates what is validated, not necessarily that there is a technical block. I have also seen behavior like this cleared up by re-installing the SDK.




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