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Problems with Eclipse Code-Builder Plugin


Hi everyone,

I am using the Code-Builder plugin for Eclipse for the first time. I use Eclipse CDT Oxygen for Windows and tried to add CodeBuilder_6.4.0. But after launching Eclipse I get mutliple errors: "Cannot get machine list: Failed to initialize code builder API" and "Could not create the view: org.eclipse.linuxtools.callgraph.callgraphview". I can still load a session but I cannot select any device (CPU/GPU). 

So I switched to CodeBuilder_6.3.0 which I still had from a previous installation on Ubuntu on a different machine which did not give me any error messages. I tried to set everything up following your instructions ( Unfortunately I fail when changing the session options. I would like to add a few build options (e.g. -cl-mad-enable) but when I hit "OK" to close the dialog nothing happens. Even if I don't change anything inside the options at all I cannot confirm them. Fortunately I can change machine, platform and device in the menu bar directly, but for the build options I need the session options.

I am using a Dell Desktop PC with an Intel Core i7-7700 (which I want to use with OpenCL) with Windows 10.

If there is no way to fix the session options, can I enter them manually into the cbsession file? It looks like it but the TabOptX fields are a bit cryptic and I don't know what belongs where or if I have to stick to a specific syntax, e.g. when adding multiple build options.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Kind regards,


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