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Profiling with VTune


In the "Creating and Optimizing" webinar there was a demo of a VTune session where switching to the kernel code showed both the CL and assembly code.

I have tried to see the same with the SimpleOptimizations and my own test project, but only the assembly is shown.  To enable profiling I added the -profiling flag to clBuildProgram and recompiled, and the ENABLE_JITPROFILING and CL_CONFIG_USE_VTUNE flags to the VTune project.  'Source' and 'Assembly' do appear, but greyed out disabled.

Is there a way to see where VTune should find the CL file?

Is the CL source view only available in the 2013 Beta?  I am running the 2012 SDK and VTune 2011 Update 8.

I noticed that the Kernel Builder did not ship with the 2012 SDK, only the Offline Compiler.  Maybe other features were pushed back to 2013?  I think my next step is installing the 2013 Beta.


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The version of VTune that you are using is sufficient for what you are doing but I would recommend to switch to VTune Amplifier XE 2013 that has been released recently - there is a number of improvements there and we generally appreciate feedback on the newer versions of the tool. Regarding OpenCL SDK - yes, you need to use the 2013 Beta version. Also, in addition to passing -profiling flag you also need to pass "-s {source file path}" option (e.g. "-s C:\projects\foo\src\") for the tool to know where to locate the source file.
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