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Tutorial for learning OpenCL?



Is there some tutorial anywhere for learning how to use OpenCL for Intel processors, that shows and explains all the code you need, both the code for your application and the OpenCL code? I could only find this tutorial, but it is for AMD and one of the first lines of code in the tutorial, which seems like a quite important one (#define __NO_STD_VECTOR), gave me a compilation error, but it would compile if I commented it out.

A tutorial that it would be possible to follow without running into any problems would be really good.

All I could find from Intel was this, which, frankly, is kind of crappy for being a tutorial. First, you have to look for a "Download below button" to get to the tutorial. What you have to click on is not a button, but an image that is so small that it is difficult to see what it depicts, with an image text that is completely unreadable. When you finally realize that it is the image you should click on, you get to some presentation slides that introduces you to OpenCL and the benefits of using it, but doesn't actually teach you how to use it. This is not a tutorial! And still, it is the only OpenCL "tutorial" you have on your web page? Seriously, you need to do something about that...

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Thanks for the feedback. We are in the process of updating our tutorials and samples. Are you looking for basic training on OpenCL concepts? We have lot of material in form of samples and documentation that comes with the SDK but I understand your point. Please stay tuned for more updates here.



It's good that you have samples and documentation in the SDK, I should check them out. But you should put them on the web (also), because that is where most people look. I'm looking forward to the updates!