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Uninstalling OpenCL SDK 1.5 on Windows 10 after upgrade from Windows 7


I installed OpenCL SDK 1.5 when my computer had Windows 7 Home. It is now upgraded to Windows 10 Home. When I try to install "OpenCL runtime for Intel Core and Xeon Processors" I get the error message "An out-of-date version of the OpenCL runtime package is already installed on your machine. Remove any previous installation before you continue."

When I try to uninstall the OpenCL SDK 1.5 I unfortunately get the error message "Intel(R) OpenCL SDK 1.5 designed to work on Windows 7* or Windows Vista* only. The installer detected that you're trying to install the SDK on a different version" and then the installer exits without uninstalling.


How do I remove the Intel Open CL SDK 1.5 on Windows 10?

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Hi Erik,

Could you please try the procedure outlined here ?

1. Remember to start command prompt as a system administrator

2. Use /nointeractive version of the uninstall

Let me know how it goes.

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