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Using Intel Graphics Compiler to compile .cl files in debug mode



I am trying to use the intel graphics compiler  to compile my opencl programs. However, I am bit confused with the usage of it. First I would like to provide some background. I built the compiler in the debug mode and not in the release mode by using  -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug flag while doing cmake. The reason I wanted to built it in debug mode is mentioned in this forum post. My requirement is same as mentioned in the forum and a bit more and for that reason I had to built it in the debug mode. The newest IGC version had built errors and I revert back to previous version igc_release_2018-11-15. I also have a post in IGC git issues mentioning the errors and the problem I having with IGC. I am confused as to how can I use the IGC. My goal is to use the overloadable functions (usable in the debug mode of IGC) like intel_get_cycle_counter (and similar functions) in my opencl kernel exactly in the way as mentioned in the forum post by Ben Ashbaugh and then use intel IGC to compile and also to check the kernel ISA that the overloadable functions has been included. 

In my post in the git issues of IGC, Alex Paige pointed out to use ocloc tool that would call the IGC and compile it. But I have questions on his suggestion which is same as I have here that how can I make sure that ocloc is using the IGC that I built in the debug mode. Also how can I observe the kernel ISA that ocloc built. So I have same questions as asked in comment of issue #87. I know that this is post is similar to the comments in issue, but I thought to seek help from multiple sources while I am waiting for the response in git. I really need to use those overloaded functions inside my OpenCL kernel and I would very much appreciate if I could get this issue solved.

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I have posted a response to the original thread here.





Thank you Micheal C. I would follow and continue our discussion in the origin thread. Thank you.