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Why my CPU Intel does not show as available?



Hello to all,  first time I am posting something here, I installed the SDK OpenCL intel.
A simple question, I have a GPU AMD and Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-5200U CPU, I wanted to know why, when I run the code "CapsBasic" only appears as an option the AMD GPU device. It was to show the CPU intel device also , or I need to install any drivers? 

 I installed the Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications ™ 2016 R2.  Using linux. I think the CPU driver version is: 1729.3 (SSE2, AVX)


I thank you all for your understanding

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Since you have multiple GPUs, the first thing to test is if the Intel GPU is visible to your system.  You can do this with lspci.  There is a wrapper for this check in the system analyzer:

You will need to install a driver package in addition to the SDK package.  There are two ways to get one:

From a Media Server Studio Generic install:

(Or you could use the Gold OS, CentOS 7.2, which has a more automated install which only requires updating the i915 module instead of recompiling the entire kernel.)

From the standalone OpenCL 2.0 driver package

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Hi Alexandre,


First, make sure you are referencing Intel CL (headers and libs), not AMD's

then, you might want to try calling "clGetDeviceIDs()" and pass "CL_DEVICE_TYPE_CPU" to the "cl_device_type" paramter.


Best regards,


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