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Wrong redistribution file in Linux OneAPI Debian packages



I installed the official Intel OneAPI OpenCL runtime on Ubuntu 20.04. The license directory includes a file "redis.txt" which describes the files allowed to be redestributed. Sadly the file paths do not match the installation. The files in "redis.txt" are all referring to Windows files and these Debian packages are for Linux.

Is it possible to fix this?

Attached you find the current "redis.txt". It is taken from [2].
The actual file layout after installation is

└── intel
    └── oneapi
        └── lib
            ├── clbltfnshared.rtl
            ├── env
            │   └──
            ├── etc
            │   └── intel64.icd
            ├── intel64
            │   ├── clbltfne9.rtl
            │   ├── clbltfnh8.rtl
            │   ├── clbltfnl9.rtl
            │   ├── clbltfnz0.rtl

So the "redis.txt" also refers to the legacy SDK not the new OneAPI.

What can I do in the meantime if I need to redestribute?



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