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Xeon Phi (Knights Landing) on Ubuntu 17.04 with OpenCL

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I wanted to ask the help of the community (or corporate devs) to debug an issue with running OpenCL apps on Knights Landing processors on an Ubuntu Server 17.04. The OS installs fine (some hardships I managed to overcome) and works as one might expect. Installing the 16.1.1 OpenCL CPU runtime (which only argued about the OS not being supported and lsb-core missing, which I installed) also went without problems. Trying to run any OpenCL app however results in failure to create a context.

Checking which library the ICD is trying to load, I created a .conf entry in /etc/ with the path to the default install dir of libraries by the runtime installer (/opt/intel/opencl-1.2- and also issue "sudo ldconfig". However, context creation fails. How can I debug any further than this?

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Hi There,

Please make sure your CPU is supported by refer to release note.

Please make sure you are under the correct kernel version with KMD patches.

Another, you can use Linux command strace to check where error happened when you try to run your application.




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I am running stock Ubuntu Server 17.04 with kernel version 4.10.0-19 built against gcc 6.3.0 which to my knowledge is the kernel that is on CentOS 7 which is known to work. What patches are you referring to? I have attached the strace output of clFFT-client installed from the Ubuntu repo.