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channel emulation failed


I'm implementing my design using channels over 1024.

typedef channel ap_uint<8> fifo_t; fifo_t c0[2048] __attribute__((depth(4)));

The problem is that I cannot perform the emulation due to the following error.

aoc: Environment checks are completed successfully. aoc: If necessary for the compile, your BAK files will be cached here: /var/tmp/aocl/ You are now compiling the full flow!! aoc: Selected default target board de5a_net_ddr4 aoc: Running OpenCL parser.... aoc: OpenCL parser completed successfully. aoc: Compiling for Emulation .... Compiler Error: Emulator: Too many channels. Emulator can currently only handle 1024 Error: Optimizer FAILED. Refer to xxx/xxx.log for details.

How can I pass the emulation or avoid this with large number of channels?

I tried to use std::queue for only emulation but aoc didn't recognize "#include<queue>".

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