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if I can use opencl on ubuntu 16.04?


hi, I got the opencl SDK for linux and installed it on ubuntu 16.04. It tells me that unsupported system. If there is no way for me to use opencl on ubuntu 16.04 with a Intel GPU?


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While it is true that the "supported" version of Ubuntu is 14.04, you should be able to get OpenCL working in 16.04.  

In theory, the core determination of whether you can expect to get OpenCL or Media Server Studio set up is glibc >=2.12.  

However, as this applies to a wide range of distros we can't test all of them.  "Supported" implies that the configuration is validated and our engineers have systems we can use to help with issues.  It also means you should have a relatively smooth path to install.

Many other configurations will work, but you will be more on your own.  There is a good chance we won't have documentation for the specific steps you will need to install.  

By the way, if you have any trouble with the kernel patches needed for driver install you may be able to get a significant subset of OpenCL to work with a 4.4 or above Ubuntu kernel.

And if you have any trouble installing Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications, you can always try Beignet OpenCL.

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I try to follow the instruction (  ;  use: OpenCL™ 2.0 Driver+Runtime for Intel® HD, Iris™, and Iris™ Pro Graphics for Linux* (64-bit) )

Because I want to use llvm to compile .cl file, I only need the driver (without SDK). But I get an error on generate kernel (Error at: make -j4; make -j4 modules   ;   and fail at next step: sudo make modules_install). 

ln: target 'Drive/research/intel-opencl-2.0-2.0-54425/intel-opencl/linux-4.4/scripts/gdb/' is not a directory
Makefile:929: recipe for target 'vmlinux' failed
make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1

my laptop info: 

Hardware: Dell xps 15; intel 6th Gen CPU+GPU(VGA); Nvidia 960 GPU(3D)  ;  System: ubuntu 16.04 & win10

I will try the whole package (CPU+GPU+SDK) on my ubuntu 16.04. But I don't know why I get this error when I install the driver. I think it may have relation with my hardware. I failed to install ubuntu 14.04 with my laptop, so many errors. But I get a smooth install process for 16.04. 

Another thing, I don't know why I need to generate a kernel to install opencl driver... : P


find the bug for installing driver, that is the folder path (linux-4.4) should not contain space, but now I want to use CPU+GPU+SDK version. And I found that it requires LSB for ubuntu 16.04, and stackoverflow says version for 14.04 also work. 

Good luck and hope that I can use opencl tonight : P

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We don't have full instructions yet for Ubuntu 16.04, and the supported Ubuntu version is still 14.04. 

The patches to the i915 driver can increase functionality, stability, and performance.  These also match what is validated (for supported configurations.)

However, one possibility to consider is that the subset of OpenCL you are using may work with the default 16.04 kernel.  So you may be able to proceed by installing the /lib, /opt, etc. driver package components without recompiling the kernel.


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