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CPU and RAM compatibility

HI I wanna ask about CPU and RAM compatibility. Is it important to have memory that is included on motherboard QVL? How I choose right memory which would work with my Intel processor?

I know my motherboard must support type (DDR3) and max speed (1600MHz typically). But I also seen on web some CPU compatibility lists with exact i5 processors, exact RAM models and exact motherboards.

Reason why I ask is that I feel lack of performance of my build, games especially. I have got high fps, stable ping but my games feels so delayed and slow despite Im having high fps. So Im looking for reasons. I already tried many ways how to fix this and troubleshoot my build. Is there any way how to do some advanced troubleshoot that everything works correct on my build?

Specs: i5 4460, Z87M OC formula, HyperX Fury 1x8GB 1600MHz, RX5602G, ADATA 128GB SSD, EVGA G3 550W

Things I tried for everyone who would told me things I already tried:

Reinstall Windows, update all drivers, disable vsync, highest refresh rate set up, no throttling (test with stress tests),

tested memory with MemTest, change SSD.

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Well, for starters, you are giving up half of the memory bandwidth. Purchase another DIMM identical to the one that you have and put it in the primary socket for the second memory channel (you likely have two Blue and two Black DIMM sockets; you want the two DIMMs in the Blue sockets). Alternatively, replace the one 8GB DIMM you have with two 4GB DIMMs and put them in the Blue sockets.

Now, as to memory speed, provided that your motherboard supports it, you can run memory faster than 1600MHz. Understand that, technically, anything over 1600MHz is overclocking your processor, but this is minor and likely will affect temperatures by only a small amount. Again, your motherboard must support it.

Hope this helps,



Well, u said anything that I didnt know before. I asked about my problem and if its possible to have affect on that (CPU+RAM combo). I also asked about some advanced ways I could troubleshoot my PC for potential instability. It was kinda political answer, but thanks for reply anyway.


With a single stick of ram,

you are losing half the bandwidth of the memory,

as the board is designed to be at its best with dual channel.

This means 2 identical sticks of memory is the proper memory slots.

It makes a difference.