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CPU speed drop while playing game


So, I am using Dell vostro 5402, here is the specs: ( the option 2 ). 

When I am doing office work ( such as microsoft office, watching youtube ), the cpu speed was about 3,6 ghz. But when I playing game (minecraft 1.18.1 java edition ), it dropped to 1 ghz.

NOTE: The cpu tem when playing game was not too hot ( about 75C ). 

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And besides seeing that CPU frequency dropping to 1ghz, is there any other issue with that?
Seeing "x" or "y" frequency doesn't tell us if there is any issue. CPU frequency works on demand and it is affected by different factors (power, temps, computer configurations, and so on...). Perhaps you have also a discrete gpu (nvidia or amd) into the computer that is taking the majority of the workload when playing games?

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The cpu usage was 95%, temp: 75 - 80C. and I did not use dedicate graphic card. I dont know if there is any other problem

My pc specs: 

memory: 8gb single channel

cpu: i5 1135g7 (11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1135G7 @ 2.40GHz 1.38 GHz)

ssd: 256gb

igpu: intel iris xe

dgpu: nvidia mx330 ( I don't use this because of its performance issue )

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You said "I dont know if there is any other problem"... I think you shouldn't focus on CPU speed but on performance...

I the game is playable and you just worry for the CPU speed, perhaps there is no real issue...


Actually, I think that you real issue is with the Nvidia graphics... this is a discrete graphics card, it should perform better than the intel integrated one... I have access to a laptop with Nvidia mx330, it runs fine games different games...

Maybe you need to focus first on fixing the issues with the Nvidia GPU... just saying...

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