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Constant Freezing

11700k - i7
Asrock z590 Extreme
32gb (4x8) Trident RGB 3200 CL16
Crucial BX500 SATA SSD
5700xt Thicc III Ultra
Gamemax 850w80+ Gold RGB PSU

I need some help figuring out the issue here. When running at default settings, as soon as windows starts loading (the circle ring) it freezes immediately. If I set my processor multiplier to 40, I can get it to boot and run, but as soon as I try starting anything it freezes, or shortly after starting a program. Now if I do the previous underclock, and then underclock my GPU to its very minimum I can get it to run for longer even, but eventually it freezes. RAM seems to freeze it up if xmp is set, but not when its at stock speed. I don't really see any overheating in either the processor or gpu. I'm at a loss. I've also tried with 1 stick and 2 sticks of ram, with both sets of ram I have.
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XMP is some type of overclocking (related to memory controller on the cpu), you should enable it at your own risk and the safe thing is to run at stock settings...

I would run tests on the RAM, maybe running long test with memtest86, and also check your PSU or other power BIOS settings, since changing voltages does the "workaround" ... so maybe these is an issue with power.

No need to say that you should make sure that BIOS, drives, and OS is on the latest versions, latest patches.

And check everything is properly connected, no loose cables

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Thank you for your reply. I've done the windows memory diagnostics, no errors. All my drivers are up to date. I've been at this computer game for quite a while. I've basically taken my entire pc apart and 'rebuilt' it. Even tried running with the bare minimum. I've been thinking it could be a power supply issue, but I'm not really seeing any voltage drops or spikes when monitoring it. I'm still not completely ruling it out, but then it's  got me thinking it may be an issue with the motherboard or processor. I guess I'm just trying to get opinions to backup my current theories I suppose. I may have to start replacing parts, starting with the power supply and hope it's not anything else.

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I consider the Windows Memory Diagnostic to be completely worthless. Use a tool like MemTest86 and run it for at least 24 hours.


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