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How to menage high temp with 7700k?


Hi everybody. I have since two years ( january 2018) a 7700k installed with a cooler “be quite shadow rock slim” a mb “msi z270 pc mate” and a mid tower case corsair 100r!

for my fault i never check the temps of the cpu since few month ago!

In gaming, i noted sometimes they reached 99°

so i did undervoltage of the cpu to -0.065 v 

and now i still reach picks of 94° in gaming

I already replaced the thermal paste between cpu and cooler!

i can not undervoltage more otherwise my game (xplane11 with windows mix reality) will shut down my pc!

i can not put a bigger cooler due to the space in the case and in the mb.

somebody suggested me to delid the cpu!

i was thinking to put a compatible water cooler but as far as i understood the water cooler that can fit on my case with the fan of 120 mm are not better than the air cooler!

so? What can i do?

delid? Replace case and put a big water cooler?

replace cpu case and cooler?

please give me suggestions 



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Get a better cooler.

Insure adequate ventilation.

Update your motherboard bios.


What is the model number of your system?





It’s a home built pc.

do you think that a liquid cooler corsair h60 2018 would be better of my actual be quiet shadow rock slim?


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I have no idea.




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Forget your games for a minute. If you run a stress test, like Prime95, what temperatures do you see? If the temperature never goes above, say, 95c, then your undervoltaging is sufficient and the processor is fine (won't be damaged or deteriorate). I do admit, however, that this temperature level is not good for many of the other components around the processor. I personally don't want to see the temperature going over, say, 85c.


I personally am not a fan of liquid cooling. Liquid Cooling units leave other components around the processor to roast. The heatsink-fan units, on the other hand, blow air down through the heatsink and then out and over the other components around the processor. There are other low-profile units you could be looking at. A quick search found these:


  • 27mm height, 95W TDP: ( Evercool Low Profile Heat Pipe CPU Cooler #EC-HPS-810CP
  • 75mm height, 130W TDP: ( be quiet! Shadow Rock LP, BK002, CPU Cooler, Low Profile
  • 53mm height, 100W TDP: ( ARCTIC Freezer 11 LP Intel CPU Cooler for Slim PC Cases


Hope this helps,