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Intel Celeron J4115 vs Intel Pentium Silver J5005


Greetings Intel community!

I am looking into buying a Mini PC based on the Intel platform for my mother. She is a content hoarder and the only thing she does on PC is web browsing, rarely watching 1080p videos.

I was looking into offers and found two suitable PC's for this use, but I can't decide which one to choose and which will be suitable and "future-proof".

Now she is running an old desktop with old Intel Celeron E1200 and Radeon HD graphics from that era. She has to run Linux (Lubuntu) because Windows runs horribly (I am not surprised.).

I don't have any special needs for the PC and it will be used purely for web browsing.

I came across two similarly priced PC's:

1) Has Intel Celeron J4115 - Which isn't on Intel's ARK website, but It should be and refreshed J4105 from what I've seen on the web. Priced at ~160€ (~190$)

2) Has Intel Pentium Silver J5005 - Priced at ~ 190€(~$225$)

Both come with 8 GB DDR4 2400 MHz RAM,128 GB M.SATA SSD, and both are actively cooled.

My question is:

Are my Mini PC choices suitable?

Which one would you recommend, is the 30€ extra worth it?

Thanks for all ideas and contributions to this discussion, I genuinely appreciate any comment



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The likely reason the J4115 is not on ARK is that it is a tray processor specific to some OEM.  Regardless, I would go with the J5995.,128989



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Agree with Al; J5995 has better clocks and better graphics (such as it is).


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