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i7 -12700KF too hot during the render time


Hi guys, 

I've just bought a new processor recently and I have noticed that it gets too hot during the render time. 

When I use Maya, Arnold renderer it starts to use all cores, and all cores work at 100%. 
but then I've noticed the core's temperature gets too hot, up to 100C during the render time.


CPU i7 -12700KF
CPU cooler - Noctua NH-D15 Chromax black, Dual-Tower 
The motherboard is MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4,
DDR4  64GB (2x32) 3200Mhz


I followed the instructions on how to apply the thermal paste and I've also remounted it twice to double-check it.

it is running at its stock configuration without any overclock.

Is this normal behavior or something is wrong?

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Rendering is a high demanding tasks and it may push chips to the limits... temp spikes are expected...

The key question here is the "Current" temps ... how much time does the CPU spend on high temps while rendering? What are the temps when the CPU is not under heavy workload?


100C is the limit for this CPU, surely we don't want it over this or spending much time on 100C...

Also, are you running the latest BIOS for the MSI board?


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During the usual web surfing the temperature is approx 27C-35C which is fine. 

During Maya modeling, or ZBrush sculpting process, the temperature stays between 40C - 55C (seems normal)

For most of the rendering time, the temperature stays at approx 87C-92C, which I guess is still too high?
And I guess if I leave rendering of the image sequences over the night at this high temperature it looks very risky for the CPU?

Yes, I've updated BIOS to the latest version just yesterday.  (Version 7D25v11, Release Date 2021-12-13)

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The DTS in the processor cannot represent temperatures above the processor's Tjmax. You thus cannot tell if the temperature is higher than this. While the Tjmax can vary from one individual processor to another, the typical Tjmax is 100c. Bottom line, no, you do not want the processor anywhere near this temperature. You are definitely disaffecting the lifetime of the processor if you do.

There are three possibilities for what if going wrong,

  1. The processor is already damaged and misrepresenting the temperature (possibly including its delivery of temperature information to the fan speed controller).
  2. The fan speed controller is improperly configured and is not delivering sufficient duty cycle levels to the cooler's fan (and possibly pump in the case of a liquid cooling subsystem). This configuration is typically controlled from the motherboard's BIOS Setup utility.
  3. The cooler is improperly installed. This could be caused by too much/little TIM (paste), improperly distributed TIM or improperly installed/attached cooler.

Hope this helps,