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power efficiency


Hello, I am a game power leveler, and this is a very special job. Due to the limitations of our workspace, our studio has chosen multiple laptops with varying performance for office and gaming tasks.


Recently, my colleagues and I discovered something surprising and intriguing. I use an MSI laptop with an i7-13800H processor as my office computer and another with an i7-13980HX processor for gaming. I noticed a significant difference in performance when I switched the power mode to "Best Efficiency" in the system settings.


Out of curiosity, I monitored both laptops, referring to them by their CPU models. I found that the i7-13800H's working power under Best Efficiency was limited to a maximum of 50W, while the i7-13980HX's power was not restricted and behaved normally.


As a worker sensitive to gaming performance, I am eager to know if this is an issue specific to the laptops. I discussed this with my colleagues, and in his test results, he found that his ASUS laptop with an i9-13900H also experienced CPU power limitation to 50W.


This led me to suspect whether the settings are influenced by the different CPU models, particularly those ending with 'H.' I hope to receive a professional answer to this question, as it would greatly assist in my work.


Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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Hello, processor with HX suffix is typically more efficient as it has more number of p-cores and e-cores compared to H series. With the maximum available core count—8 performance cores and 16 efficient cores—and the highest I/O and memory available, HX series supercharges elite gaming, 3D content creation and rendering, large file manipulations, and other heavy-duty tasks. The two-chip platform, with discrete Platform Controller Hub, brings greater L2 cache per core and up to 128 GB of RAM, two DIMMs per DDR5 channel, PCIe 5.0 (16 lanes) support,2 Intel® Dynamic Power Share,3 and a range of other advanced technologies. Competitive gamers, dynamic creators, and high-powered professionals now have the performance to achieve more, anywhere. To aid you in understanding the specification and the functionality of your processor and its technologies better, please see these links.'s,efficient%20cores%20to%20offload%20background


For a side by side comparison between the two model mentioned, you can also utilize the portal below.,232138

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