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problems whit the Hyper Threading

i can`t active my other 2 virtual cores in the intel pentium g4600 in hyper threading i turn this option on in the bios and i don`t have the other 2 virtual cores i don`t know what i need to do already verify that they were activated but they are not activated

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First of all, many programs will display information about the physical cores and not about the logical threads operating within them. Processor sensors (DTS) are Core-specific, not thread-specific, for example. Make sure you are looking at a program that can display information on the thread basis.

Run Windows Device Manager. In the Processor section, you should see entries for each thread that is operating. Are you seeing four entries? This means that HT is enabled and all threads are being seen. Or are you seeing only two entries? This means that HT is not enabled and you are only seeing entries for the (two) processor cores. In this case, try doing a device re-enumeration (by right-clicking the top (root) entry in the Device tree and selecting Scan for Hardware Changes) to ensure that all devices are exposed. If this doesn't result in the four entries showing up in the Processor section, you need to look at what is happening in the BIOS configuration.

Your pictures of the BIOS configuration look correct. If you are not seeing the four entries in the Processor section of the Device Manager display, then you need to contact the Customer Support desk for your motherboard's manufacturer and ask them what is going on with their BIOS...