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Cannot obtain IP address of SoC Cyclone V using SD image from OpenCL SDK 17.1

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I am trying to establish connection between host and board via ethernet but I cannot obtain IP address of the SoC Cyclone V board. I am using the latest SD image from Intel FPGA OpenCL SDK 17.1 .I've also managed to compile and run some design examples using OpenCL. When it's booting the image I get this error message: 


Sending discover...  

libphy: stmmac-0:04 - Link is Up - 1000/Full  

Sending discover...  

Sending discover...  

No lease, failing  


Also on the LCD it shows: '"No IP obtained Hello Tim" 


I've also tried GSRD 17.1 image from and I can obtain IP address successfully. However, I need OpenCL compatible SD image. Are there any quick fixes or I'll need to install OpenCL on GSRD 17.1 image?
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