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Intel HLS Compiler (aka i++) Error:No definition found for speed grade '-7' Cyclone10

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Hi guys, I've installed Intel HLS Compiler (aka i++) together with Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition 17.1 to try it out. After setup, I can run the test in "HLS Getting Started Guide" document successfully, which proves the i++ compiler works. 


But, when I switched to my own C source file, i++ threw an Error as follows: 

$ i++ mips.c -march=10CX220YU484I6G -o test-fpga 

error: no definition found for speed grade '-7' in family 'cyclone 10 gx'.hls verilog code generation, llc failed. 


I have picked up the device 10CX220YU484I6G because my Quartus license only support Cyclone 10 family and I need a big device from this family. 

Is this error caused by that i++ cannot support a specific speed grade in this family? 

If so, which devices in this family are supported by i++? Or, where can I find the document that lists the devices supported by i++ (I didn't find this info from the Intel HLS documents)? 


PS: my OS info, 

OS: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS 

gcc/g++ versions: both 4.4.7 


Thanks in advance for any possible suggestions and help:)
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OK, after checking the info from i++ --help, I found I can use FPGA family instead of the part code. So I changed my command into: 

$ i++ mips.c -march="Cyclone 10 GX" -o test-fpga 


and it works. 

(Be careful, the double quotes for the family name are necessary, otherwise it can't be recognized.)