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Problem with DE-10 nano Terasic KIT

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I have a problem with the DE-10 nano Terasic Kit. 


I have followed the quick startup guide as well as the myFirstFPGA guide and everything has gone smoothly. I have tried loading a bitstream and it goes well. However, after a while (around 20s) the boards seems like it goes back to the initial configuration (like with no bitstream). Whatever the program is doing (like blinking leds for example) stops, and the user led starts blinking again, which is exactly how it looks like when you power up the board before loading the bitstream. 


I have checked that just loading a bitstream that lights up the leds, and nothing else, has the same behaviour. After a while the leds are not lighted up anymore and it goes back to the user led blinking. 


Does anyone has any idea of what is going on? 


Thank you. 


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Faulty power supply perhaps? I'd just get a replacement from Terasic.

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Try to repeat this test after ejecting the micro-SD. 


As I recall, my DE-10 Nano came preloaded with some sort of demo package showcasing doing FFT on a FPGA, complete with a custom kernel module and a script that was autoloading and starting the run on bootup. Messing with the bitstream broke the script and sometimes led to a kernel panic followed by a reboot.