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Stuck with outdate max9000 and usb-blaster

Good day to everyone and good luck to your projects, fellow developers. As for me, can start complaining now? :-) 

I am not a pro with microcontrolers, having only sone experience with AVR, and now here's the situation: 


There's an ancient EPM9560A chip, which is used, will be used, and will not be discusses with big bosses. There're no more alive ancient PCs with LPT to use ancient ByteBlaster and MAX II Plus. There's a USB Blaster, which shold be used with Quartus II, and everything seems okay. Yet is isn't, as Quatrus II will not do anything with EPM9560A, as all MAX9000 chips are marked unsupported, and therefore doomed to oblivion. But "show must go on", and EPM9560A must still be programmed with ancient .pof files, which can't be converted by Quartus II to any other format, as they're doomed to be unsupported even by file convertor. 


Any advice? I can't write .pof with UrJTAG, as it needs SVF files, and I can't convert .pof to .svf, as MAX9000 is outcast now...
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There're no more alive ancient PCs with LPT to use ancient ByteBlaster and MAX II Plus. 

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Therein lies the problem. Quartus does not support that device, it was last supported with MaxII Plus. 


So you need to resurrect a Windows XP system (with LPT) and install MaxII Plus legacy from the Altera site (it is still available as a download).
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MAX2WIN which is the current "legacy" version of MAX2+, and you can find on Altera's site, will run under WIN7 in 32 bit mode. Actually a lot of XP stuff will run under Win7 in 32 bit mode. And you get the USB Blaster to work with it. 

I feel your pain I have to deal with 7000's which will be there for the duration. 

Good luck!