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An annoying second HDD auto-ejected problem!


First, I would like to thank all Intel engineers for releasing the latest version of RST.

Since Version, the BOSD problem was fixed. Everything looks fine now except one annoying problem. When waking up my notebook from sleep, the second HDD installed at the optical drive position is ejected automatically. Then, if you put the notebook into sleep again and wake it up again, the ejected HDD returns back.

Interestingly, this pro blem could be fix by uninstall the Intel RST driver and install the windows driver by default. However, the BOSD problem was come to alive again. When the system was waked up, the system faced an immediate BOSD and restarted automatically.

Sure, we could prevent the second hdd from being ejected by start a program stored on the second hdd. However, an annoying warning widow will show every time when you wake up your notebook. Is there anyone who could give me a clue to solve this problem? Or, do we need a new version of RST to solve this problem? I am expecting that this problem would be fixed in the next release of RST.

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