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How are RST RAID 1 "Verification Errors" detected and repaired?


I'm using RST on a RAID 1 and I'm seeing "verification errors" when I run the manage->advanced->verify option (never media errors). The "Cache mode" is set read only, and "Write-cache buffer flushing" is enabled. This IS NOT a recent issue, I've seen it in older releases of RST. How are these errors detected, and more importantly, how are they repaired? AFAIK, with RAID 1, there are only two drives, so when an inconsistency is detected between the drives, how is it decided which drive is valid? Why are these errors present? Is there any way to prevent them? Can I identify where these errors are occurring (what file/location in the array)?



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In a RAID 1, Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology, the verify process will indicate verification errors in the event of Bad blocks identified, which will be repaired by reassigning the bad blocks; and when data on the mirror drive is compared to the data on the source drive, this is repaired by overwriting the data on the mirror drive with the data on the source.

Keep in mind that Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology will only check the integrity of the volume and not the cause of this. So this will not check the physical drives health.

So this may be triggered by problems on the power/data cabling, bad SATA controller, drive(s) problems or operating system issues. You will need to check with the corresponding hardware manufacturer to check for integrity.

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I would like a clear answer from Intel on this question also.

Here is a bad answer from Intel that lacks clarity or reassurance. It is as if the drivers and RAID controllers Intel has designed offer no protection at all:

/thread/55724 https://communities.intel.com/thread/55724

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