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How to use expanded drive space


I have replaced my RAID 5 array initially built with 2TB drives with 4TB drives. One by one I removed a 2TB drive, replaced it with a 4TB and rebuilt the array to full health and then repeated with the next drive. I have finally replaced all 2TB with all 4TB but the RST won't allow me to expand the array utilizing the extra 4TB of space. Am I missing something?

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The logical volume that exists within the array does not change size as you add additional space to this array. Unless they've added a way for doing so while I wasn't looking, I know of no way to grow the logical volume. As far as I know, your choices are:


  1. Delete the logical volume and then create a new logical volume that encompasses the entire array. Obviously, you need to have a backup of this logical volume before proceeding.
  2. Create a second logical volume using the free space (now) available in the array. Use this logical volume separate from the original.


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