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IAStorDataSvc needed in combination with SSD Raid?


Dear all

Does somebody know if the service "Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise" really needs to run on a server with a SSD Raid? Can it be stopped and set to manuelly or disabled?

The Controller is a Intel C600 79.

This is the only process that is constantly running and taking some CPU time. Not much, but it seems like also the RAM usage slightly and slowly goes up.

As far as I'm concerned the service is used to speed up the system. But speed up a system with only 5 client users and only SSD disks? Also on another similar server - exact the same model - the service is on automatic but not started at all.

Both systems are Raid 5.




Edit: I know I just could go on and do the "trial and error"-stuff but it's a productive system so I don't like that idea.

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You most-definitely need that Service running. It is doing all of the maintenance tasks for the RAID5 array(s). It has nothing to do with 'speeding up the system' (no one ever claims RAID5 is fast!).



Well it's not about fast. Surely a raid 1 would be faster than raid 5, but still, with SSD, it is fast for all tasks I need.

But anyway. If that process is that crucial, why is it not running on another same server? 

And can I at least restart the service?


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It is worth mentioning that when using Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) or Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (Intel® RSTe) on a Server or on a system with Server-based Chipset (e.g.: Intel® C600 Series Chipsets) if this is not regarding an Intel® Server the support for these scenarios should be through the manufacturer of the system.


Could you please confirm if this is regarding an Intel® branded Server? If it is, please confirm the server model. If this is regarding a third-party server, we kindly recommend addressing those inquiries to your computer manufacturer (OEM) since we don't provide support for that. (If you still want to continue discussing this with fellow community members that may have the knowledge to jump in and help, it is ok).


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Dear Andrew

Okay that's fine for me, but two questions which you can maybe help:


1. As far as I'm concerned, it's save to restart the service to free up some RAM. Would you think the same? I tried it on a non-productive machine and it showed no problems?

2. Are there any boundaries for the RAM consumption of this process? At the moment it still goes up, and I'm worried if it will stop some when. The CPU usage of 5 % is - however - okay in my eyes.



Hello Computerdienst

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Unfortunately, there is no support for requests or services related to Intel® RST/RSTe and Intel® Server Chipsets on 3rd party systems. We kindly recommend addressing these inquiries to your OEM which is the correct channel of support.

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