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Installing Rapid Storage Technology ended partial complete

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Well, I'm installing the new Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers and software in a new installation of Win7. I'm using the -p option to install it in a subfolder in the "My Apps" folder instead of the default "Program Files (x86)". The drivers and main software installs fine, but the Intel Control Center software did not install; in the log file, it had problems with the path since (for some odd reason) the installer failed to put quote marks around the path, and ended up splitting "My" and "Apps\" as separate commandline options.

Should I try to pursue installing the Intel Control Center, or can I just let/leave alone? Is the Intel Control Center software worth pursuing?

In another concern, what is the best way to slipstream or incorporate the Intel Rapid Storage Technology installation into the Win7 installer (and would that method be possible with any other software for a Intel motherboard)?

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<<<<Is the Intel Control Center software worth pursuing?