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Intel RST won't enable acceleration


I have an MSI Leopard laptop running Win10, with a 1TB HDD. I've added a 64GB M.2 SSD with the hopes of getting Intel RST running on it. The laptop has an Intel Skylake chipset with a Core i7-6700 HQ processor.


Intel RST 16.8 is the latest version that will run on this laptop - v17 gave an error during installation. Intel RST sees the 64GB drive, but won't allow me to enable acceleration. I've tried setting up the drive with an MBR partition, and then cleaned with no partition, and it doesn't make a difference.


The BIOS is the latest available from MSI and the Intel Mgmt Engine has been updated as well.


Thanks in advance for your support - I've attached the HW64 info and the text output from the Intel Support Utility.

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Hi @WM000​ ,

  1. From the SSU report I can understand that in the M.2 slot you have installed Transcend 64GB SATA III 6Gb/s MTS800S SSD. This SSD can't be used to accelerate your HDD
  2. In order to accelerate the 1GB HDD, you need to install an Optane Memory M10 Series Module. I suggest you to install 32GB module or 64GB module. The 16GB module is in some way limited.
  3. Here is an example: 32 GB module.




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