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VROC, X299



I have talked with Intel as well and I want to get some clarification if i could.

There are some third-party SSDs like the Samsung SM961 listed as VROC verified. The data sheet tho says it is on the XEON platform and does NOT mention the x299 platform at all.

I'm not needing a bootable VROC Drive. What I would like is a non-bootable VROC drive using third-party SSDs. I have seen people who have been successful in creating a VROC RAID 0 drive using 4 Samsung 960Pros, but when they create the drive using IRST, it shows that there is a Trial period of 90 days. When the trial period ends, the drive will be locked. These people have tried a VROCSTANMOD key but when they install it on their x299 motherboard, the Samsung 960 pro are not visible any longer in IRST to create a VROC RAID 0 drive. The key also kills the VROC RAID 0 drive they had created under the IRST Trial period.

Question: Why will IRST allow users to create a non-bootable VROC RAID 0 array with a trial period, but the moment a VROC key is inserted this option is no longer available? Why have it work with the trial and not with a VROC key we actually purchase? We are purchasing a license after all.

Question: I have several Samsung SM961s. These are verified VROC capable under the XEON platform. Can I create a non-bootable VROC drive using 2 or more SM961 drives without a trial period? If not, would buying a VROC key allow me to do so using the Sm961s?


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Hello Brighttail,

Thank you for bringing this to the Intel® Community.

Please let me review your inquiry, as soon as possible I will be updating your thread.


Amy C.


Thank you for taking the time. Here is the simple reality. I want to be able to use VROC with the M.2 drives I have already purchased. I don't even need the RAID drive to be bootable. I know I can use my Samsung 960 or 961s and make a non-bootable VROC RAID 0 drive by installing IRST and making the array. The problem it says this is a TRIAL period that ends in 90 days, thus this infers that this configuration should work and all it requires is some sort of license from Intel.

From what I understand this 'license' comes in form of the VROC key. Unfortunately I have heard that some people have gotten one of these keys and while they were good during the 'trial' period, when they used the key, they were unable to create the VROC RAID 0 drive using IRST. Their drives simply didn't appear like they did without the key. They key they tried was the Standard key.

So I'm a bit confused. I have both Samsung 960 Pros and the Samsung SM961 M.2s One of them according to your data sheet is verified on the Xeon platform. If this won't work with the key, then why does it work with the TRIAL version of the software? I am seeking clarity.


Community Manager

Hello Brighttail,

In regards to your questions, we would like to inform you that there is 2 versions of Intel® VROC

Intel® VROC on X299 systems

Intel® VROC on X299 platforms was designed to be used only with Intel SSD's and it requires the VROCISSDMOD Upgrade key.


Intel® VROC Xeon Intel® Xeon® E5/E7 SP Purley

This is an enterprise solution that requires Intel® Xeon® processors + a Intel® 620 series chipset in order to work properly. The enterprise solution does have multiple keys that you can purchase depending on the setup that you are planning to build and it does allow to use certain third party SSD's.

Every key has an specific purpose, for example for x299 systems the key that must be used is the VROCISSDMOD in order work properly.

At this time we do not support third party SSD's on the X299 platform

Best regards


Luis H