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Intel 82576 NICs not showing anymore



Last night I have been messing around with a Dell C6100 units with four nodes with each two 82576 adapters. At some point I installed PROset one of the nodes in order to try out teaming. Later I decided teaming was not needed any stupidly decided to remove the teaming software - without removing the 2 adapters from the team - result is that I now have one node which is under the impression that it has no network cards.

Re-installing PROset fails because no adapters could be found, I took a drive out of another node (with and without proset installed) to see if this would uncover anything - but no luck. It seems something has been written to the cards so that they will not announce themselves anymore.

I just figured out that a BIOS re-flash might solve things, but on the other hand I guess that might not flip the bit I need on the NIC's - will try that tommorow!

Anybody have a clue what I could do to get the adapters alive again?


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I don't think any change is made on hardware side when teaming 2 adapters.

You can try to remove/reinstall NIC drivers from device manager. There should be a virtual adapter when you create the team. You may also try to post the question in the Wired Ethernet forum.


There are no devices in the device manager anymore - not a virtual adapter nor are the 'real' adapters shown anywhere - if I add them manually they will not appear in control panel so no option to reach the software from there.

I reflashed the BMC and BIOS and this did not have any impact.

Will post the question in the wired ethernet forum as well, but answers still welcome!