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Intel Module Server Network Layout and Switch Capabilities

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We have just purchased an Intel Modular Server with 6 Modules, 2nd Switch, and an extra NIC for each module. Our network is roughly 50 users each with a PC and an IP phone. We have about 20 users running applications that stream Stock market data feeds throughout the day. My question is as follows..

Can the switches built into the IMS act as our core switches with Cisco Catalyst 2960( 24 10/100 PoE) acting as access switches reliably?

Or should I use something like Cisco Catalyst 3560 in between the IMS switches and the Cisco 2960 Access swiches?

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That setup should work just fine. Is there anything specific you need the "core switch" to do?

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Thanks for the reply.

I personaly don't understand why we need it, but our network guy is claiming that we need a proper core switch because it will make the entire newtwork more efficient. He is wanting to set up several vlans and as far as i know the IMS switch can do that as well. What we have so far is as follows.

(5) T1 lines going to other private institutions into (2) Cisco 1941 routers

(2) T1 internet lines for out web servers connected to

(2) DSL lines for internet access in our main office

all of the above internet lines go into a Cisco 2901 Router

All of the routers then connect to a Cisco 2960 interconnectivity switch

Then it passes through Sonic wall NSA2400 Firewall appliace

now is where i have the issue.

Option A IMS switches

Option B Cisco 3560

Then to (4) cisco 2960 access switches with POE

Then to roughly 50 IP phone with pass thru to workstations.

We previously had a much smaller network and added about 40 users so we had to rework things and bring in additional servers. I don't want to overcomplicate things and I am frankly sick of buying equipment. However if its needed or will benefit us in any way I have no problem doing so.


I don't see why adding another switch would be more efficient, but I would probably trust the network guy since he's more familiar with the setup.