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Intel Serverboard S1200BTL Wake on Time possibilities?




Hello Community,

does anyone of you have the S1200BTL and can confirm to me that this Board does not have Wake on Time?

The Bios we have is from 12/05/2012. There is one newer Bios from 12/2012 but we don´t think that this major feature got into Bios in such short time.

Why does Intel not have Wake on Time?. Our 7 Year old Serverboard have it. Does Intel think any Server must be on all the time?

We have used that feature every day and switched the Server on at a given time.

Do we really have to use a power-supply with time function to switch the server on?

We can remotly switch the server on, but than another computer has to be on all the time...

Does anyone of you have the same problem and have resolved it?

Thank you very much

Nachricht geändert durch Markus FrSdrich&# 13; Boardname nach BTL geändert.

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Edit: Es handelt sich exact um das Board S1200BTL

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