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Intel Xeon E3110 (SLB9C) and Intel DP43TF motherboard

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I noticed that both SLAPL and SLB9J Intel E8400 are supported on the Intel DP43TF motherboard but how come only the SLAPM Intel Xeon E3110 is indicated in the processor list? Does this mean the SLB9C Intel Xeon E3110 is not supported in the Intel DP43TF motherboard?

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DP43TF supports E3110 (SLAPM) as I see in the compatibility list however I could not find any compatibility for E3110 (SLB9C).

Board Match:

Processor Match:

Board & Processor Match:

There is always a possibility that parts not specified in THOL (Tested Hardware & OS List) might work however I strictly advise users to go according to THOL to avoid any possible mismatch and surprises.

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